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Post by Jester on Tue Dec 18, 2007 5:52 am

“A Lament For Those
Who Walk the Earth”

idly beneath the dormant weeping willow, my mind wanders. Somehow, on such a
wonderful day, I manage to have a heavy heart for that which is beyond my
control. For what, if anything, is truly under our control?

This world
in which we live is that of two extremes. We are given two choices, neither of
which is adequate for the nature bestowed in us, yet it was our Creator whom
gave us said choices. Irony is the second divining law of this God-ridden
world, and it is irony that leads to my overall disgust for life.

Thinking on
these things, it is easy not to notice one’s surroundings, and as I finish a
thought, I look around seemingly for the first time in hours. As I was deep in
lament, a young girl had taken her place directly beside me and is watching me
intently. My heart longs to warn her of the dangers of life, but my mind
reminds me of her age and naivety. Instead, I give her a warm smile and
continue to watch nature unfold around me.

I turn my
attention inwardly again, and a thought strikes me. Naivety – being as it is –
could possibly be considered a curse in this world of lack of choice; naiveties
being the eerie calm before the storm of thought reaches you with age.
Children, as we all were at one diluted time, do not understand this horrid
world of prejudice, and therefore it would be logical to envy them, yet not so.
As I said, this is an existence built entirely upon irony, and therefore that
which seems desirable is not to be desired, and that which is undesirable is
the true path to selflessness – but my mind raced over this thought quickly.
For children, while being oblivious to what they will have to endure, will one
day have to live in this world without neutrality – they just have yet to discover
their peril.

deeply on such subjects, I turn to observe the young girl who had taken her
place beside me. She looks to be about six years old, and therefore possesses
no knowledge of the concept of danger. She has in her hands, and fallen branch
from the weeping willow whose shadow engulfs us, and as she is not paying
attention to me, I watch her childlike motions in peace. The mid-afternoon sun
begins to lower in the western hemisphere.

The essence
of time does not exist this day for me, and I am surprise when the child’s
mother comes calling for her. She smiles pleasantly at me before running off to
be reunited with her parent, and I feel a stabbing pain deep within my chest.
Musing about that precious young life’s dim future lends me a depression so
deep, that my throat constricts in pain, and I gasp heavily for air. I
think…why is it that children must grow up into this emotionless world?

Then a
chilling thought strikes me, and my mind is set. I have found the third choice
in this world of extremities, and my heart is set. For is it not so, that the
only escape from this living depression is suicide?

As I tie
the noose around my own neck and commence to attach the other end to a
sufficiently high branch of an ancient oak, the memory of the young girl stays
in my mind. Maybe she will return tomorrow to find my worthless corpse hanging,
and she will realize her peril. As the eerie cold engulfs me, one powerful word
resonates throughout my entire being – HOPE.

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