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Post by ecliptica on Tue Dec 18, 2007 4:17 pm


Somewhere in tomorrow lays a glimpse of today
In such an extraordinary character
Carved in the faces of those people
I donít know yet hate from the bottom of my heart

And even when I detect in their faces
Their hatred, my mind shifts to better seasons -
Seasons of charity and care when the bells
Tolled and it was Christmas day and no one hurt
And no one hated anyone.

When I see tomorrow I know what awaits
For me for my rivals and for all those
Wishing I was never here to remind them
Of all those that were once ours but now lie in
Foreign arms

Somewhere in tomorrow lie the people
Whoíll change the world in a good way or
A bad one but have not yet envisioned
The future that leaves barriers and thorns
For the equals to tumble


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