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Post by CradleOfFish on Fri Jan 25, 2008 4:41 am

Southern Doom/Stoner Metal in the vain of Corrorsion Of Conformity, Down, Kyuss and such. I manage this band though I live in the Dallas area now and the two remaining members are still in Texarkana (a 3 hour difference). Still hoping to get some new shit recorded soon. In the mean time I have free cd's available (I will pay shipping) but I prefer to send the rapidshare file of the cd instead so it won't cost me anything. I'm a cheap ass! Go to The Official Tha Mutha Load Myspace Page to hear 5 of the songs and get info too. I haven't got the rapidshare link up yet but will soon. I will also put it here when I get it. Here is some info on the band than once they are finished uploading I will post the links. This info was written for the myspace page so ignore the "nobody is buying the cd" thing.

Well, since nobody is interested in purchasing these demos, I decided to make available as free downloads. I would rather have the bands music made available to everybody than not. I only ask that if you have purchased a demo NOT from me (Fish) or the official myspace page or the almost dead old web site than you were ripped off and the band doesn't see a penny of that money. So don't buy any cds, I am not making copies anymore for sale, so any you may see for sale is someone trying to get money off something they have no rights to do so. Both the Bleeding The Sky and King Of The Mountain demos are now free to whoever want's to download (as well as covers). They are the same demos, just different artwork.
Tha Mutha Load:
Vocals: Gator
Guitars: Mark Allen
Thanks to the following musicians who recorded on the demos:
Bass: Michael
Drums: Marc
Both of whom are now in Giganto
All songs written and 2000-2007 by Tha Mutha Load except for "Cheatin' Woman" written by Al Cooper, Gary Rosington and Ronnie Van Zant 1975 by Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Contact and booking:
Fish (cell phone) 903-748-2949
Gator (cell phone) 903-748-3015
Web: Tha Mutha Load Myspace
Track List:
01. Blinded
02. Walls Of Addiction
03. Substance Abuse
04. Pain Is The Cure
05. Barfly
06. Bleeding The Sky
07. Spiritual Exstacy (Rough Edit)
08. Heaven's Breath (Rough Edit)
09. High Tide
10. 1000 Beers
11. King Of The Mountain
12. The Ballad Of The Silverback
13. Cheatin' Woman (Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover)
14. Pain Is The Cure '07 (The Shining Mix)

Note the links are in two parts because the file is just over 100 mb.

Rapidshare Link Part 1
Rapidshare Link Part 2

You know what's fucked up? I manage this band I am in control of the demos and yet somehow Mediafire decided to delete the files!! They only delete files when some one narcs them, like Rapidshare, so I wonder what idiot thought this was someone elses copyrighted work? Oh well.

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