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Post by vanguardjazz on Fri Jan 04, 2008 7:07 am

A big black sheep rode big and bronze awarded in catapult contest through a cotton inside and outdoor gazebo,
He sought silk, crafts, ornaments, and dudes like bambi'no
Shopliftin, its the thing for me
"block the view of the cameras were goin deep in this"

He rolled home, in his pigeontode chrome, ice-a-topped bone, and salami orange sod's

In the graveyard lays maria, what a chopped dropped durgen gal
Shes of orange skin, and of blue silk, and of sandpaper smitton snails

Onward bound go crashing the crewcom the shoestring the iceboots the snowboots the icecones the choo um
I put a mat down on your forehead

I risked my life for your rags, the ones that your mama sent you
You shot up in dismay, as your house burned up before you
I saved one earing, it didnt match the others though
I also grabbed a half eaten dog biscuit maybe ill try it

No food in the world,
Help dem kids,
No food in the world,
Free from sin,
Help those kids
Help those kids

So i sat down and wrote poems.....and cried about my lost girlfriend

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